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 Bathgate Community Development Trust Ltd is a community organisation created to enable sustainable development in their area. We will undertake a mixture of economic, environmental and social initiatives. Registered with Companies House Edinburgh with company number 644723

As independent not-for-profit organisations, Bathgate Community Development Trust Ltd will be committed to involving and being held accountable to local people. We shall work with and alongside the local voluntary sector, public authorities, and private sector.

Bathgate Community Development Trust will be part of the community enterprise movement. We are community based and we aim to achieve our goals by generating revenue through undertaking projects,  trading, providing services and acquiring assets (such as buildings and equipment). These profits will be used to create community wealth that has a lasting impact on the renewal and improvement of Bathgate.


Bathgate Community Development Trust will be about active citizens coming together to address local issues creatively using self-help, trading for social purpose and ownership of buildings and land to bring about long-term social, economic and environmental benefits in our community.


  We will be --

• Engaged in the economic, environmental and social regeneration of Bathgate. 

• Independent, aiming for self-sufficiency and not for profit. 

• Community based, owned and managed. 

• Actively involved in partnerships and alliances between the community, voluntary, private and public sectors.

Important Documents

Certificate Of Incorporation BCDT (pdf)


Memorandum and Articles of Association as lodged at Companies House (pdf)


Bathgate Community Development Trust Membership form (pdf)



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Bathgate Community Development Trust Ltd

43 Bruce Street Bathgate, EH482T West Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom

Directors and meetings


List of Directors

Ronald McLeod    Chair 

Donald Stavert   Secretary 

John MacDonald  Treasurer

Jane Boyle  Director

Paul Mellis  Director  

Ron Dingwall 

Malcolm Hill

All Meetings will be displayed on our Web Site

As a company run by and for its members we will publicly declare where and when our meetings will be held and welcome Bathgate residents to any meeting  

Members Meetings

Members meetings will be held every three months to hear Directors Reports and give direction to the Board